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Sri Lanka, being a small tropical island located in the Indian ocean, traditional cuisine is so rich in flavours. Rice and curry is the national dish of Sri Lanka, so it is the most popular meal among Sri Lankans. Spices are the key ingredient in any Sri Lankan kitchen. The most popular spices are chilli powder, turmeric, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Curries are usually prepared with one of the two curry blends: roasted or black curry powder (for meat and fish) and raw curry powder (vegetables and lentils). In some form or another, coconut is a dominant ingredient in cooking.

Rice and curry is not all Sri Lankan cuisine have to offer. There are various kinds of many more flavourful dishes available. Lamprais, Watti rice, String Hoppers, Roti, Sea Food and Devils are very popular as well as Sri Lankan flavoursome street foods play a vital role in the country's food culture. Kottu, Hopper and Dal vada are favourites.
Mr. & Mrs. Chefs Palmy has been operating in the food business since early 2021. We both work as chefs and have NZ qualifications and several years of experience. Mrs.Chef has done some special studies in traditional cooking and has a lot of practice making traditional Sri Lankan cuisines with inherited secret family recipes.

Our vision is offering you the experience of true flavours of both the best traditional cuisine and the street foods that explode your taste buds. We always try to keep high-quality standards and the authentic flavours of our motherland by importing some key ingredients from Sri Lanka and using homemade spices with secret family recipes.
We are pleased to welcome everyone to try glorious Sri Lankan style home cooking in New Zealand.

Thank you.
Mr. Chef and Mrs. Chef

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